The Politics Of Fear & Survival Seen Through The Lens Of A Pluto Return

2개월 전


What is the planet Pluto all about in Astrology? It represents our unconscious need to survive and preserve what we know and we love, and yet for anyone to progress, thrive and live on, sometimes we must change.

The need to survive because we are afraid of that very change, sometimes dredges up the most appalling actions to preserve what we have, through that fear that overcomes us. In the United States just yesterday, you saw Pluto at work. You saw fear of change, just because change is happening.

For decades, America has been changing. It is no longer a white Christian nation. It is now a multi-cultural, multi ethnic, multi faith democracy. The thing is, in parts of America and in a section of the population represented by the Republican Party, there is fear of letting go, and accepting the inevitable.

Donald Trump tapped into that fear of losing what used to be the norm. He said that America was being "taken away from the people". He fanned the flames of fear of change, and he profited on the back of it for a while. The thing is that nobody, yes nobody, stands in the way of Pluto, and especially a Pluto return.

Pluto is nearly at its return point in the US chart, and it will have its way in transforming the United States for the better. Georgia and its history of subjugation of any people of colour was the most appropriate place for this inevitable change to be demonstrated, as a black man of faith and a Jewish journalist were elected to the US Senate ahead of the more traditional white candidates put up by Trump's Republican Party. Twice in two votes in the most conservative of Southern States in America, the dam has broken and the inevitability of the change that is sweeping across the United States played out. There is no turning back. This is the new normal in the United States, and the people will have to accept, and adjust.

My message to the people of the amazing, wonderful nation of America is embrace the change. You have the most incredible diverse, rich and and beautiful country. One where everything is possible. You have been a beacon of light for all of us to aspire to, and you can be again, however for this to happen you must with a sense of humility and maturity accept that every individual in the nation, whether White, Black, Latino, Asian, Gay, Straight or Transgender, Rich or Poor, indeed whatever their heritage or background, actually does have an equal right to rise to the top of the tree, and fulfil their potential. There should be no division, no sense of superiority or entitlement, and it is high time that the inequalities that have built up in American society were addressed, once and for all.

I would hope that this process would be peaceful, but as you saw yesterday, Pluto sometimes dredges up the very worst in human nature in a futile attempt to prevent a transformation that is ongoing and will never cease. It is time to accept, it is time to level the playing field, and it is time to treat each other with respect.

It's time for calm heads as well, and for those who are courageous to rise above the melee, to call for calm, and yet there will be a need to not avoid the truth too.

America will forever changed by this experience, and I hope that it will be for the better...

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