Uranus goes Direct in Taurus - Dynamite!!!

2개월 전


Do you get the feeling the rulebook is being ripped up at this moment in time? Do you feel as if the world around you is unstable, and literally anything could happen? If this is how you are feeling, then you may be tapping in to the fact that Uranus the planet of rebellion, independence and shocking change is slowing to a halt, before stationing direct. This is due to happen on 14th January, and as you will know, as a planet slows down it becomes much more influential in all of our lives.

Now as any planet turns in direction, there will be a shift in the way that we see situations or maybe that we react to things affecting us. Maybe there will be a change of view, or maybe in attitude? The reason I say that is that as Uranus turns direct, the planet of action, anger and aggression Mars is closing in to a conjunction. This will take place on 20th January at 6.44 degrees Taurus. Put these two together, and you are going to get a volatile reaction. Put them together when one of the planets is almost at a standstill, and virtually anything is possible!!

So what am I saying? In the next week I would not count out unreasonable demands or actions being taken that have a profound effect on us. Anger and frustration in not getting our own way may inflame things. Sudden uprisings could occur that get very violent, or difficult to handle. Accidents could suddenly happen, as things break or go out of control. For sure, tempers are going to be on edge, and with Jupiter in the mix square to both Mars and Uranus at 7 degrees Aquarius, small matters could escalate, really get out of hand and have far reaching effects on us all.

This is a dangerous scenario for sure, and if you have any planets on or around 6-8 degrees of the fixed signs, then try to stay calm, and try not to react if you are provoked...

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