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Today is the very same day, when the stars are welcoming me to share with you a knowledge, which I've got one time from my Father.

Every August, year to year I keep my eye on the night sky... I do this in other moments as well, but in August this become much more interesting, and sometime, I spent a lot of time looking on...

In the young years the astronomical knowledge help me to keep up a girl... Somertime, night, freshness, hot bodies are so close when looking for the stellar patterns. Add the sugar-coated legends of stars, gentle waiting for the falling star and the fantastic dreams of another worlds....

But this is not what I am about today))

I will tell you about Perseids!

The Swift-Tuttle comet, which falling behind us once in 135 years, left a tail behind itself - the stream of microbodys, and which crossing by our Earth every year from the end of July and till the middle of August. As a result, in the night sky under the Northen half-globe, we can see the stream of meteors from the Perseus constellation side. And the peak of stream is very soon! It will be on the 12th of August! In the lucky moments the quantity of bolides can reach 60 pcs a minute! Every second - "falling-star")) In August 1993 the observers of Central Europe noted close to 500 burning meteors an hour!

From the Earth it is seing as an instantly burning in the atmosphere bodies, which is left a bright trail after itself... It is rarely happening when the traditional fallin-star-wish is made, because the atmosphere entry speed of this bodies is more than 150 k km/h! Therefore, with help of the at least the half-professional photography equipment and the trepied, you can made amazing pictures, by "catching" lots of "tracks" in the one shot!

Or go to even greater lengths, and connect lots of pictures in the fab fabulous alien video...

Video from: JCMegabyte


This is another exciting topic... It should be discovered in the nearest future posts... This is a way to capture not only a time, but also a pathway of heavenly bodies! This is a way to see something hide from the human eye perception, and to realise, at least approximate, the scope of our World!!!

Teach you children good things! Look up at the sky more often!!!

The used pictures sourses:
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Thank you for your attention and support!

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Wow, @dimarss! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Now I will know when is the best time to look at the night sky. Right now I moved to the country side and here the stars look much brighter than in the city. I will be on the lookout!


[Ksu'] Wonderfull time to look up! Who knows, maybe we'll see one and the same falling star!

nice post, you got some whalepower because of using the tag? :D have to give it a try .. but somehow whales keep finding me in the last days .. that´s cool
weather here is rainy so no meteor showers for us this year!
are you an astronomer?


[Ksu'] You know that you have the meteor rain whether it is rainy or not) This is a fantastic shower of brightness for all our planet! The only thing you can't see it... But if you know about - you can feel it..
We are not astronomers, we just outside of the box ;)

Teach you children good things! Look up at the sky more often!!!

I like this.


Thank you for your support @fortified!

great work keep it up...
following you now and upvoted you for this post dont forget to follow back and upvote and check my recent post which is very interesting hope u will like that..
im your friendly neighbour.. :) :)


[Ksu']Nice to read that you enjoyed!

12го пойду смотреть на небеса и считать падающие звезды)


даже с фотками сделаю)))


Ух ты!! Тогда жду с нетерпением!

Very good post. Upvoted.
Steem on!


[Ksu'] Thank you for your feedback and support.. This post is one of those, which coming from the deep inside. And it is pleasure to read that someone also pleased.

Steem on! Golos up!))

Great pictures! (:


[Ksu'] Yeah! You're right! This pictures are inviting "go and see it with your own eyes!"

Спасибо, мой друг! Очень интересно! 😘😗😙🤗


This is amazing pictures !


Thank you, friend!