NEW Theme! Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.8 - 'On Assignment!' 35 SBD!. #aswcontest

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Week eight already! Last week was awesome, lots of cool black & white photos of abandoned stuff. Thanks again to @daveks for being our guest judge. I'll be back to judging this week. I'm pretty sure last week had the most entries yet. Contrary to that, THIS week may have the least entires because there's going to be some leg work involved. Read on for the new theme. :) Let's dive right in:

The Contest:

  This is NOT a photography contest.  The subject matter is what's being judged with the Abandoned Shit Weekly contest, not one's skills with a camera.  Honestly, I just want to see some cool abandoned shit.  lol  HOWEVER, as with any photograph, the "wow factor" can certainly be enhanced with a technically sound execution.  Simply put, winners won't be chosen strictly on artistry.  

The Prizes:

1st Place = 15.000 SBD
2nd Place = 10.000 SBD
3rd Place = 5.000 SBD

The Theme:

This week's theme = ON ASSIGNMENT! Photo entires must include a piece of paper with "#aswcontest" and the date IN the photo. You all have a homework assignment this week! Scribble "#aswcontest" and the date on a scrap of paper and have it in the photo with some abandoned shit. No limits on what the abandoned subject is; could be a building, vehicle, factory, boat, etc (not straight up trash/litter though). Just have the piece of paper in the picture. This week of the contest will definitely have the freshest content. Also, I'm not anticipating as many people taking part this week due to the work/travel involved, BUT that means those of you who DO enter will have much higher odds of winning and much less competition! NOTE- DO NOT write the tag or date ON the abandoned object. Don't vandalize. Entries that do will be ignored.

The Rules:

Rule #1 = Your abandoned shit photo must be posted using the tag #aswcontest for one of your tags.  This is crucial so that your entry can be seen/found!

Rule #2 = Your photo must be taken by YOU. If you take an imagine from the internet and use it as your entry into this contest, you will be disqualified and I will flag you.

Rule #3 = Only ONE entry per user, per week. Save some content for future contests!

Rule #4 = Tell us what we're looking at!  You don't have to write a novel, but let us know what the picture is of, and where you found it.  That's the most interesting part! Equipment and camera settings can be included at your discretion, but is not necessary.

Rule #5 = Stick to the weekly theme!. 


The Time:

When = New ASW contests will start on TUESDAYS and will end at 11:58pm EST on SUNDAY.  Winners will be announced on Monday with awards distributed then as well. I figure it's a good way to start the week!


HELP! - I'd really like this contest to become an established, weekly feature.  Resteeming the official contest announcement post here would be a huge help in getting the word out, though you do not HAVE to in order to participate in the contest.  I'm just asking as a favor.  Also, just mentioning the contest in/on your entry post would help a lot!

New Discord Channel
Want to chat about Abandoned Shit? Swap stories/locations? Make suggestions for the contest or themes?? Join me on the official ASW Contest Discord channel here: Abandoned Shit Weekly Chat

That's it!  Let's see some cool abandoned stuff! Good Luck!

^^^Here's the photo used for the contest logo above. When we bought our house, it came with this weird old outhouse down in the woods. I'm not sure how old it is, as there are some modern looking components in it's construction, like plywood. The previous owner didn't know anything about it either. Anyway, I went and took this picture with my iPhone about 5 minutes before starting this post. See? It's not that hard!

Make sure to follow @customnature to keep up with all Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest happenings!

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Good move

Should we post our entries here?


Nah, ya don't have to. As long as you use the #aswcontest tag, I'll find it!


Alright then... thats awesome Im on this tomorrow. Thanks.

Abandoned shitter for the Abandoned Shit contest...perfect.

Last week I didn't cooperate with me getting an entry. And personally all my entries to photo contests are current so this is right up my ally. Removes the people with a archive of tens of thousands of photos to pull from.

Equal playing field for all this week as it should be.

Love It!

Resteemed to add exposure.


Maybe that should be a theme one week --- Abandoned Shithouse Contest. Ha Ha.

Anyway I'm off to find something cool and abandoned.

Upvote and resteemed.


lol Jesus, I didn't even notice the irony/double entendre. Good one. Yeah I really am looking forward to what gets posted this week. Brand new stuff. Discourages fancy photography, a bit. Really puts the emphases on the subject. Thanks much for the resteem! Every bit helps.


You didn't do that on purpose...then your subconscious was hard at work.

Being that you aren't going for a true "photography" contest and more about the subject this is a great way to get fresh photos.

Glad to pitch in where I can when I find something of interest.

I started searching abandoned items, hopefullybcan find the best before Sunday.


I hope so too. Good luck! Cant wait to see what you find.

Hello @customnature, last week I did not have time to make my entry, but in this surely enter and I hope that my photo of abandoned shit is to your liking, although I have not been in the community for a long time I am looking for challenges to help me to grow inside it, and it really seems like a fresh, daring and even daring idea, to keep up with all the events of the Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest!

This is a really cool idea!

Unfortunately in my country there's a huge lack of room so all things abandoned get cleaned up immediately - so I always have to travel a while before I can explore abandoned places. So will have to pass this week!

Good luck to all those lucky ones who have less active governments! ;-)


Ah bummer! But where do you live!? lol A nordic country?


Lol, close! The Netherlands! Which is basically a city state with every centimeter planned out. We’re that country that makes land from water, so... ;-)

Great one here. Will the picture of the abandoned stuff be black and white


Nope. It can be in color. 👍


Great! Thank you for participating.

All of Steemit photo to see very nice. I will have to keep my eyes open for something to shoot easily.

Hey I have a few abandoned shots that i took a while ago, does it still count?
Plus I think the photo you took is about an old public toilet XD...see the hole in that box there?...


It would count for the contest normally, but not this week. You need to include a paper with the date and "aswcontest" on it, for this week.
Yeah, my photo is of a toilet. That's what an "outhouse" is, in the US. Outhouses aren't really public though, they are what people had before indoor plumbing was invented. The hole is actuall a child's toilet, I think. There is another hole in the center that's higher for adults; but it's behind my paper sign.


see what that paper did covered that s^it xD
I guess I will save my pics for next week then...I live in a place where they "make" abandoned sh*t hehehe
I am traveling right now , cheers! ;)

I'll do my best, the paper is ready 😀


Man, I hope ya find something cool!


I'm actually a woman 😂 but nevermind. I live in an area were there are no abandoned properties, so I have to do some legwork but I don't mind because I love the theme! I made some calls today and got a place for tomorrow. Keep up the good work! 😉


Ha! Sorry, I wasn't calling you a man. It's an expression in the Untied States. Like "Man, I can't wait to get off of work." or "Man, I hate when it rains." It says you're in Transylvania, is that so? I pictured there being a lot of neat abandoned stuff there. lol


I know you weren't calling me a man, it was just a joke :))

Hi, I'm new in the contests, can I take a picture of myself? is because my parents abandoned me ...


I never really had that in mind, but I'm not gonna stop ya! lol


I'm not gonna stop you either. haha



I went out and explored some abandoned military bunkers by the coast this morning to create my entry for this week.

@chriskautzer and I already talk about this contest everywhere we go-this is taking it to a whole new level. Now you're actually planning our dates too because we're going out on assignment together on an abandoned shit scavenger hunt haha.


Ha! Happy to be of service!

This sounds like a neat contest. I will have to keep my eyes open for something to shoot.


Thanks @old-guy-photos! I hope ya come across some neat abandoned stuff.

Great twist on the contest @customnature Hoping to partake this week..


I hope you do too. Look forward to it!

This really a nice twist to the aws contest. The date stuff will really make it more original so the participants wont be able to enter an old picture. I appreciate your efforts @customnature for keeping this contest running and making sure its given the originality and level playing ground it deserves. Kudos to you dear.


Thanks! I can't wait to see what people enter. Some entires are already being posted.

What a great idea. I love it.
I start today to carry a pen and paper.
Wish me luck.


Good luck! I cant wait to see what you find our there...

Can it be an abandoned mechanical instrument?


Yes it can. As long as it's been abandoned.


Ok then I will join for sure ☺

this is something new for me, and I like it maybe I can participate this week.


I hope you can too!

My Post

This is one of the garbage that I see above the study table. And this is very disgusting and dirty the table even the room is very dirty.



My submission for this week's #aswcontest

This is a good one as it forced me to think about what I could photograph between my house and work by bicycle...there won't be any time for any legitimate exploring this week, so I hope this will do.
This is an abandoned, overgrown volleyball court which seems to have been left for some time judging by the size of the Native plants. The note kept blowing off the net, so I hope it's not cheating that I'm holding it 😎
As always, thanks to @customnature for organizing this!

this will be my first time of joining your contest.... Please what is the weekly theme?

It's a good idea @customnature..but it's a problem. The piece of paper will be very incommoded and the picture will be obturated by the paper. the quality of the photo will be diminished.


This isn't a photography contest though. Getting a fancy photo is not the point. The abandoned thing you find is what is being judged.


got it! thanks!

So love this contest ever since I's a feeling like wow ...So thanks for making this kind of event . It makes me think on what to post on this contest to show my talent in thank you @customnature!

Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.8 - 'On Assignment!' 35 SBD!. #aswcontest
WP_20180308_013 (2).jpg
It was in China, apparently, where it originated. It is believed that the inventor was a general named Chuco Liang about the year 200 before our era. It was not possible to cross the mountains with the wagons due to the narrowness of the paths, which did not allow the passage of two wheels. It was necessary to create a vehicle that would tip all its weight on a single wheel; and it was found in the formula, which was an extraordinary strategic finding: the wheelbarrow.

I thank @customnature for the opportunity to participate.

If you want to know more about this contest I invite you to click here:

I think this is a very interesting contest and below is the contest photo link I send, thank you @customnature for the opportunity

The contest is interesting, this is the photo link I post for this contest. Thank you @customnature

Nice ..i will search for it to join this contest..😄😄😄

Hello, I would like to participate and this link Photo send to this contest. thank you

That's Nice Post...
I like...
Thank You for Post! 🍃🍃🍃

hello @customnature, this is my entry and the first time to join a Steemit contest. Thanks!

Here is my official entry. I couldn't get a good picture showing proof I was there, so I posted it along with several other photos on my blog. Thanks again for hosting this contest. All of my entries so far have been scouted out specifically for this contest, so it's nice to have one with that as the theme. Check out the rest of my pics if you have the time.


love this clever contest idea for 📷👍