Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.24 - 'Old Wood.' #aswcontest

2년 전

I was out traveling down the south of Thailand visiting a few islands on the Gulf of Thailand in my duration of the day cruising from island to island which are only a few kilometers apart i came across this old fishing boat in the middle of the ocean between two islands. Was very strange and curious to see this old fishing boat sitting in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand and apparently this old wooden boat still seemed anchored down. I asked the locals the reason why this boat still sits in the middle of the ocean , they told me that it is a ghost boat and Thai's leave those sought of things alone , what had happen a few fisherman had headed out that night as usual the next morning when these fisherman were due to come back in with their catch there was no sight of them and till today it remains a mystery no one knowns what happened to these fisherman so they leave the old wooden boat there at sea as a sign of respect and memory for the six fisherman that disappeared and hopefully that they may return one day but for the moment these birds are using it as a resting ground.


Unfortunately that day i only had my iPhone with me and the tour boats kept there distance from this old wooden fisherman's ghost boat so was a bit hard to get any real close up photos i had to zoom in as much as i could with my iPhone.




Category : #aswcontest

Camera : iPhone 6



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I love these photos. What a great discovery and nice
Y captured. Good luck in the contest my friend. 🦋🌈🌴💛🍀


Thank you @sallybeth it would go well in a scary horror movie this boat :)


It would indeed! Haha