# ATHERO Infrastructure For a New Decentralized Sharing Economy

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The sharing economy is highly affected by high fees, trust issues and a lack of transparency in the activities, this new decentralized sharing economy is one of the fastest growing industries. Businesses are embracing decentralized sharing economy to allow them to rent out their resources to businesses that might need them, one of the platforms helping with data sharing and distributing data from IoT devices is Athero platform with its own smart contracts and distributed ledgers.

Athero is building the future of crypto finance and data sharing economy, the platform will help the decentralized data economy and empower businesses and developers create distributed applications. Athero protocol makes it quick to develop and deploy smart devices and applications.

Traditionally businesses have been using centralised business sharing economy that is prone to many issues, this issue includes high fees for operational processes and transactions, this has been because of the centralization of data sharing platform that has monopolized the economy in a move to benefit themselves. Businesses with resources are allocated high preferences and considerations leaving small businesses to take the back seat in terms of resources allocations. recently, security has been a major concern on the data sharing the economy with businesses taking advantage of their centralized nature to sell private personal data without the consent of the owners.

Athero is building an ecosystem that combines, blockchain, finance IoT and data sharing infrastructures that will help combat issues encountered in the modern data sharing economy, businesses will no longer need resources to build their own platform which is expensive and time-consuming, instead they can use Athero infrastructures and be assured of transparency and privacy in their private information. Athero doesn't need middlemen in deployment and operations of activities, this allows a true peer to peer interactions in its ecosystem.

How Athero distributed ledgers fills the gap


Athero distributed ledgers will help create a network of connected businesses managed by blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a modern peer to peer shared economy where businesses can share data for mutual benefits.

Athero distributed ledgers are also equipped to help in bringing the computation closer to the source of the data generated, this will be empowered by the use of smart contracts technology that will allow automation of processes in digital transfers.

Final Thoughts.


Athero modern peer to peer Internet environment allows rapid development and deployment of applications in the data sharing economy, businesses deploying their applications on Athero ecosystem will be able to tap on the decentralized network thanks to blockchain technology, businesses will be able to digitize their operations with Athero and empower them with tools and infrastructures needed to make their businesses embrace the new digital world.

The most important feature of AThero is its decentralized distributed edger that is secure and ready for the new data sharing economy, businesses will be able to make use of the infrastructures provided by Athero simply through Internet connections on their devices. Blockchain will remove the issues in centralized data sharing economy, businesses will be able to scale their operations thanks to the Athero platform that taps businesses with infrastructure limitations.

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