Atomic Wallet Airdrop - Claim free 10 AWC tokens listed on CMC

2년 전

What is Atomic ?

Atomic is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The wallet uses BitTorrent technology for distributed order book and atomic swap technology for cross-chain custody free exchange. Atomic wallet also features instant exchange options. Atomic supports more than 300 crypto-currencies,it’s a decentralized wallet and only you can control your private keys, your transactions are private and anonymous, built-in cryptocurrency exchange and mobile app. I’ll show you how to buyLitecoin on this wallet.

How to join the Atomic Wallet Airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide Atomic Wallet Airdrop

Download the Atomic Wallet App. (iOS is not available yet)
Open te app, click on ''Settings'' and click on ''Airdrop''.
Submit your mail and verify your mail. (+ 10 AWC)
You can use ''YTMSX'' as the promo code. (+ 5 AWC)
After you verified your mail, you will receive a mail with your referral code. Share your code to earn 5 AWC tokens for every referral.

More Infomation

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