Atomic Wallet Review - A simple, convenient, feature rich cryptocurrency wallet

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What is Atomic wallet?

Atomic wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet which is built to provide security and anonymity in mind. Atomic wallet allows you to store more than 300+ coins within a single wallet application. Atomic wallet is available for both desktop and mobile for all operations systems. It is a fully-fledged crypto wallet offers a variety of crypto services that you will not find it on any other cryptocurrency wallet.

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The best part of the atomic wallet is that for each of the coins listed on the wallet you will have your private keys with you which ensures no one has the access to your wallet. The Atomic wallet communicates with the blockchain network to display all the transaction details and wallet balance. This method helps to protects your sensitive financial and personal information rather than storing it on somewhere else.


Atomic wallet makes every Crypto related operations simple, clean and easy to understand. It removes every complexity and thus even new beginners can learn about crypto operations. The Atomic wallet application uses it's own native token called AWC, with which you can use wallet features and pay for transaction fee.

How to use atomic wallet?

Well, firstly I would like to say that Atomic wallet is completely free to use it doesn't costs you. You can download mobile application scalable for both Android and iOS; and also you can download desktop application for Windows and Mac OS. Once you install the application, create a strong password for it and then backup your 12 word backup phrase and keep it securely. Once you do that you are ready to begin.

In the atomic wallet you can store more than 300+ coins with their native blockchain platforms all at single place. Atomic wallet has partnered with EU's largest licensed card processing company, Simplex, with which you can easily buy your favorite crypto with credit card. It charges a very nominal fee for purchase of crypto through credit card. Within the Atomic wallet application you can trade peer to peer with three services such as,
• Trading through Shapeshift exchange
• Trading through Changelly exchange
• Trading through Atomic Swap


What is Atomic swap?

Many of us may or may not only about atomic swap, right? It sounds a complicated technical word, but its very simple to understand. An atomic swap is a blockchain powered smart contract technology that enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using centralized intermediaries, such as exchanges. This method allows you to exchange different coins without actually visiting an exchange which kills your time, your patience and charges a bit more commission. Atomic swaps are very easy to use and even novice investors can find it extremely easy.


What type of cryptocurrency can I store in Atomic wallet?

Well, as we already said you can store every type of coin irrespective of blockchain ledgers. You can store all ERC20 supportive tokens, BTC, LTC, ICON, XRP, NEO, Stellar XLM, EOS, TRX, BNB, BEP2 native tokens and many more.

How to I send and receive payments?

If you want to receive payments for any coin, just copy the particular coin's receiving address and send payments to that address and boom! You will receive it after the blockchain confirmations. And if you want to send payments then choose send option and enter the destination address, enter the amount of coins and your payments will be sent to your destination address within short time depends on blockchain network traffic.

How is atomic wallet is safe?

Atomic wallet has given a very high priority to the security of the funds stored in the wallet. It offers best security measures such as,

🔒 Custody free solution
Atomic wallet is a open source wallet which ensures that no one can infuse any malicious code or scripts into the wallet application. And it is a serverless crypto wallet which which doesn't require user registration and doesn't store and sensitive information and it doesn't rely on any third party service to perform transactions. This ensures the platforms safety.

🔒 Advanced encryption
Atomic wallet encrypts the every data is stores in the device and also the data requires for transmission. Thus every encrypted data can't be accessible to anyone.

🔒 Private keys are provided to user's
It is the best part of the wallet, where users can have the private keys for each of the coins listed on the Atomic wallet. This also ensures that users are the sole owner of the entire crypto funds stored on the wallet. It uses Mnemonic seed phrase to provide access to your wallet. With this you can recreate your wallet again when you change the device or reinstall the atomic wallet application.

How can I get Atomic wallet?

You can use these links to download the Atomic wallet and many other features,

About Atomic wallet,


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