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Hai Sahabat Indonesia, Izinkan Saya terlebih dahulu memperkenalkan diri dalam platform ini. Nama Akun @atomy.indonesia di pilih sesuai dengan tujuan pembuatan Akun ini Yaitu untuk mempromosikan semua produk Atomy dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia melalui Dunia steemit. Semoga Kawan-kawan steemian Indonesia akan dapat mengenal lebih dekat tentang Bisnis Atomy dan produk-produk Unggulan Atomy melalui postingan-postingan kami yang akan datang.


Dalam kesempatan ini kami ingin mengucapkan Terimakasih kepada Sir @cjsdns yang telah mengenal kan Bisnis Atomy ini kepada banyak steemian Indonesia serta atas support yang telah diberikan selama ini kepada para steemian Indonesia yang telah bergabung dengan Atomy. Kami semua sangat berharap dukungan ini akan terus berkelanjutan.

Demikian pengenalan singkat dari kami, semoga keberadaan akun ini dapat mendapatkan dukungan dari semua kawan-kawan. Seperti kata pepatah "tak kenal maka tak sayang", dengan pengenalan ini kami berharap dapat menjadi awal yang baik untuk melanjutkan aktivitas kedepannya dalam platform steemit ini.

Salam Sukses Bersama Atomy.

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Congratulations on Good Morning.
I hope this account is loved by many people and shares a lot of happiness with your efforts.
I will continue to support you and your friends for their wonderful success. I trust you and I believe that you and your friends will succeed, and I have a lot of ideas here to support you and your friends.

I've been very busy moving my office for the past two weeks, I'm designing a new project and I think it will be launched soon.
I rented the space I used to Mega Coffee, a famous coffee company, and suddenly transferred the office.

As a result, all the work has been suspended for about two weeks, and now I am moving into a new office and I am going to get a day and a night two day education because there is an automation education today.
However, there is a meeting with the office and the new project's planner team, so they come back in the afternoon.

I hope you can help Muzakkir shop.I asked you to help me, so please tell me how to shop.
I'll rent you 5,000 spas free of charge in five days with this account to trust you and help you with your activities.

I wish you and your friends the success of the project.

The eagle was written through the kakao translator and may have errors in translation. Please refer to it.
Thank you.


Sir! Thank you for your support. We hope this account can help all Indonesian steemians who have joined Atomy or who have not joined, so that they can get information about Atomy here. I hope this can be a good start as an effort to promote Atomy Excellence in all corners of Indonesia.

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Welcome to Steemit @atomy.indonesia!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!


Thanks! 😘

Hello @atomy.indonesia

Welcome to Steem i wish you luck and success.
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Atomy itu apa sih?


Hallo @maskuncoro, salam kenal dari kami @atomy.indonesia.
Harap bersabar, penjelasan tentang atomy akan kami jelaskan pada postingan berikutnya. Untuk informasi sementara silakan kunjungi saja dulu laman ini 👉
Terimakasih atas Perhatian Anda.

my like

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Thankyou for your welcome ☺

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당신을 응원 합니다.


지원해 주셔서 감사합니다.

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ATOMY is a tool that anyone can succeed.
We all work for happy success.


@jjy You Are Right, Thank you for your support.

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