Attrace ICO Announcement!

2년 전

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Dear All

We have decided to delay the start of our ICO with about 5 weeks. This means the pre-sale will now start on the 1st of August and the main crowd-sale will start on the 1st of September.

This is the best way to assure the best result in our fund raising for the following reasons:

  • The current crypto-market environment/sentiment is not ideal for crowd sales.


  • During marketing efforts on conferences and online, Attrace has created serious interest from potential large ticket pre-sale participants. Given the weak market environment we have decided to take more time to assure we have accommodated all discussions with those large ticket participants and find out how much we can place additionally in the pre-sale.

  • The 5 extra weeks will also give us more time to strengthen the basic proposition. We will use this time to further develop the User Interface for end users and make progress on some potentially interesting partnerships in the industry which would add considerable value to the basic Attrace proposition and add prestige to our brand.

We realise that this 5 week delay is a change from our earlier plan but the Attrace team is 100% convinced this is the right decision to assure the best result.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Very best regards,

The Attrace Team

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