Free Audio Production Tools (Episode #2)

2년 전

When it comes to samples the best supply, is an endless supply.

Tobias Marberger, a Sweden music producer recorded in his local church in Grebbestad this set of 1048 music samples that provide limitless creative opportunities.

"The multitude of samples includes percussion of many different kinds (anvil, snare, wood sticks, hi-hats, brush plate, bongos), as well as piano, organ, mandolin, glockenspiel, flute, and many other high-quality recordings." all under a Creative Commons license.

Files are in WAV 16-bit format, therefore all you need is any software that can read WAV files. There are also Sfz format files, converted by S. Christian Collins, that can be read using Sforzando free player.

Follow the link to download and find more information about G-TOWN CHURCH SAMPLING PROJECT free samplepack!

Thanks for reading and tune in for more free audio production tools!

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