Free Audio Production Tools (Episode #3)

2년 전

Rıdvan Küçük is a musician, hardware designer and plugin developer. Inspired by the unique sound of analog hardware he created a set of plugins to honor this vintage touch to music production. And he gave it to the world for free!

Equalizers, Tube amps, Saturators, you name it, it's probably in there.

You can download his work on Patreon here!

Those who use his tools, have the economic possibility and would like more software to be develop may consider donating to his patreon account.

As a bonus to this episode you may register at Slate Digital for 500 FREE samples from great session players that have recorded with Zedd, Ceelo Green, Jessie J, Khalid, Jason Mraz or Mike Posner. This offer is only available until 31 of March, so chop chop! Get the free samples delivered to your e-mail here!

Thanks for following the series!

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