Aurix Chain: The Next-Generation Blockchain Technology that Underpins All the Operations on the Aurix Cryptocurrency Exchange

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The Aurix cryptocurrency exchange is poised to become a leading cryptocurrency trading platform where you can trade on a wide range of crypto-asset classes.

But, what many people do not know about this platform is that it will be powered by the Aurix Chain, which is poised to be a next-generation blockchain network. The Aurix exchange team is launching the beta version of the Aurix Chain in July 2021.

This article highlights some of the use cases of the Aurix Chain as it pertains to the advancement of the broader Aurix exchange platform.

The first use case of the Aurix Chain is that it is the basis of a majority of the transactions and operations in the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange.

By powering the exchange, the Aurix Chain does a great job of ensuring that the operations on the exchange are going as planned.

DeFi Architecture
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the order of the day as far as financial transactions in the crypto economy is concerned. DeFi is a potential billion-dollar industry, and that is why the Aurix Chain is looking to bring some of the fortunes to the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange.

In this case, we are looking at the use of a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) architecture that provides an all-around service to the users of the Aurix exchange.


Some of the benefits of the DeFi architecture are:

  • The privacy of the users’ data/personal information

  • Maximum security of the crypto assets in the custody of the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange.

  • The DeFi architecture also ensures that transactions are processed in real-time.

Improved Shopping Experience
I must mention here that the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange is more than a cryptocurrency trading platform. It is more of a decentralized digital asset trading platform that provides an array of solutions for different spheres of the digital asset economy.

One of the areas of concentration is in the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) industry where a novel solution for cryptocurrency adoption has been proposed. The solution is called Aurix Payment Shop Plugins.

It is a set of plugins that will be integrated with several E-Commerce platforms (WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, e.t.c.) so that cryptocurrencies can be accepted as a form of payment by the merchants/sellers.

Cashback Rewards
The Aurix Chain will also power the Cashback Rewards that would be facilitated via a decentralized architecture.

By Cashback Rewards, Aurix is creating a way for the users of its dedicated Aurix Debit Card to earn some money or points for using the card, including when they make payments on selected E-Commerce sites.

Cross-Border Payments
The Aurix Chain is also a reason why the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange will be one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of transaction throughput.

The feature here is the cross-border feature that allows for seamless and cheap payments.


The launch of the Aurix Chain in the second quarter of 2021 is a unique fundamental that will once more bring to the fore, the unique features of the Aurix cryptocurrency exchange.


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