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What's going on is Criminal, lock them up! Those found causing these fires need to be shot when caught. This must be stopped, they are doing more damage to the climate than global warming ever can!


Honestly, I don't know what can be "done" about this - it's the "government" - "israel" - the "UN" - the "international monetary fund" and most people are ASLEEP. Those of us who "know" are few and far between. I know no one in Australia myself - but I knew people in California - it seems like the powers that should not be and their minion keep taking more and more real estate away from the rest of us.

@maxigan upload your videos to 3speak and/or and anywhere else first. Leave the Youtube uploads as an afterthought because you and I know that they are champing at the bit to silence you.

We need you.


I want to watch your video through steemit or anywhere else than Youtube.