Bitcoin (in part) to be accepted by vendor of Melbourne Home

4년 전

Bitcoin has astounded everyone, barring those of bullish nature, by its incredible performance over the past twelve months.

It now seems to have broken into the real world of Real Estate.

A Melbourne property owner has stated that he is prepared to take a deposit (usually 10%) in Bitcoin.

The Property, in the south eastern area of Melbourne, Australia, is said to be worth about A$900k - well over US$600k. Is this a sign of things to come?

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Hi @ebryans! Looks like you've moved to Oz, we've moved to Cape Town and you're getting into cryptocurrency! Hope you're well and enjoying the sun down under!


Hey Jonny, great to hear from you! I have some friends from the UK in Cape Town right now - just in case you needed some points of reference - hope it all works out really well for you! All the best and thank you for the comment!


Ah that's cool! It's been great so far, just bedding in to the place. Hope you're doing well otherwise!