Vote for Australia - donations pot

3개월 전

Hello dear Steemians,

As you may know, there is a big fire in Australia right now. The fire has already brought several victims. Animals, species and people. It occurred to me that Steem could be used perfectly for this kind of fund-raising by just one vote. I will donate 100% to any organization I wish (just leave a comment). You can also send me SBD STEEM etc. I will continue to donate 100%. But the contribution is mainly on votes because Steem is perfect for that and nothing costs you anything except a click with the mouse.

For those of you who are not yet convinced I will add my unfinished game "Banished Castle" on top. Everyone who donates (Vote, Steem, SBD...) will get the Steam Key for free as a memo when the game is released.

I wish you all a nice day!

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