Authoreon - World’s First Machine-Readable Optical Label on the Blockchain

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Blockchain is known as the revolutionary technology in the history of mankind. Its immutable and incorruptible nature makes it more superior than any other existing technology. Blockchain has the capability to transform every sphere of our society with its superior properties. Blockchain provides endless opportunities to eliminate social, financial and economical problems.

But still most of the advantages of blockchain are theoretical. To prove its real power blockchain need mainstream adoption. The practical use cases in the real world applications will spark the mainstream adoption. Today many industries, businesses, educational, financial and medical institutions are ready to explore blockchain adoption into their core work processes.

As blockchain offers faster transactions and value transfer with extremely low commission fee and it validates them by itself with complex mathematical algorithms. It offers highest level of transparency and it's immutable nature adds a trust value to it. And we can utilize these properties to solve many mainstream global issues.

For example, today we live in an internet driven society where our every action is digitally oriented. But digitization pave the way for document fraud, data hack, identify theft and the real information loses its original value. Copyright protection has become a joke and even under it's supervision people make document fraud and we can't stop it with the existing technological frameworks.

Till today many companies have suffered from hacking attacks where millions of confidential information, users data and their personal information have been compromised. Due to data mining companies collect users data without their consent and use it for illegal purposes. These data thefts cause serious consequences that's why every company, industry, institution, business and even a user has to take care about their valuable data. Companies spend millions of dollars to get the highest level of security for their data.

Thanks to a team of professionals who are intended to solve the data security problem by creating a blockchain powered project called Authoreon.

About Authoreon

Authoreon is a blockchain technology powered decentralized Authorization,
Authentication, Verification & Certification platform which allow user's, corporates and government's to secure and manage their data independently. Decentralization eliminates centralized control over data management and provide data control in users hand. Authoreon has its own A-ID which is World’s First Machine-Readable Optical Label on the Blockchain. A-ID can be scanned like barcodes to verify the authenticity.


With Authoreon data theft, data abuse, identity fraud will reduced and at the same time data security and privacy will increase.

Principle of operation

The Authoreon platform uses several components of blockchain, artificial intelligence and cryptography to achieve the goal of providing security, privacy and independent authorization. Authoreon adds two overlay protocols on top of blockchain network called synapse and the access lock. Authoreon smart contact utilizes the power of interplanetary database (IPDB) and interplanetary file system (IPFS).


Synapse protocol is a smart authorization contact which automatically verifies identity data from the stored data. Smart contact is the product of ethereum blockchain which is automatically executing protocol which functions according to the defined set of rules. Smart contacts bring transparency, trust and security. Synapse protocol layer automatically verifies the data with authorization access from the stored data. It creates temporary access for authorisation during each verification. With synapse protocol blockchain transaction performance can be increased.


Access Lock layer acts as a gatekeeper while processing the requests. It grants temporary access to synapse layer for the authorized requests. Authoreon implements 2² key algorithm to provide access by generating static and dynamic temporary keys. It is worth to note that this method is more superior than two factor authentication. Access Lock layer uses proof of stake consensus algorithms to prove ownership stakes by digital signature method.

Technical Frameworks

Authoreon is committed to bring blockchain technology based authentication, verification and certification of digital identities, which is completely decentralized. To achieve this Authoreon has its own dynamic code on blockchain called A-ID. A-ID is a flexible digital code which can be edited dynamically and is far better than existing Barcode and QR codes. Thus, with A-ID we can quickly verify ordinal products and identities seamlessly and can be widely utilized in E-commerce, CMS, content management, supply chain management, and to stop counterfeit of products.

For mass adoption and simplicity, Authoreon has developed Android and iOS based applications to verify, certify and authorize products, identities, certificates etc. Along with this it provides web plugins, API's and Smart-contacts-as-a-service (SCaas) solutions.

Use case products

Authoreon has its own hardware tool Nanolense which can be used for micro scans for art works, documents and identities. This Nanolense can be easily attached to our smartphones which gives access to potential use cases.


A-ID tag on products helps to identify it's originality, thus it is widely adoptable in supply chain, e-commerce, delivery service and brand protections. It is worth to note that A-ID can easily replace Barcode, QR codes and doesn't requires NFC chips. Retailers, corporates, businesses, supply chain tracking will get huge benefits from Authoreon's A-ID.


Individual users can store their personal data which help them to authorize, verify and in providing access to limited personal data.


Authoreon is aiming to develop many decentralized apps to provide secured solutions to many sectors such as identity verification, KYC, product certification, certification, supply chain, ownership tracking, file storage, Barcodes and, etc. You can visit Authoreon Dapp store to check out Dapps.

Token structure

• Token ticker: AUN
• Total supply: 90 million
• Circulating supply: 30 million
• Token price: $0.15

About Authoreon Company

Authoreon is a well established company and has experienced professionals in the core team. The company is situated in Germany and is aiming to tackle digital data security problems by implementing blockchain technology. Authoreon is aiming to develop wide range of decentralized apps to provide solutions to many industrial, financial and social sectors.



It is acceptable fact that we are moving twords digital society and without securing our digital data we can't achieve it. Thus, projects like Authoreon brings revolutionary blockchain powered solutions to secure, authorize, verify and certify our digital data. Authoreon and it's technical frameworks shows the capability to transform our digital life. Digital data security is the global concern and Authoreon's solutions will help to get a permanent solution. I am personally happy to see such a real use case projects are transforming our lives.

Finally I would suggest you to read the official whitpepaper of the project for more details. This project needs much public attention and I wish all the best for this great project.

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