CyberCar: A New (Future) Mode of Transportation

3년 전

I woke up today with this crazy idea for a new mode of transportation. This idea would solve many problems. There would be no more head on collisions, no more car accidents, and no more risk while driving in snowy conditions.

Okay so remember this is just a crazy "idea" but anyways, think about it this way. So you've got a car, that car projects its own road for you from the front, based off of whatever your destination is. The car creates this path for you which in return, you are on your own virtual road. Therefore, you wouldn't have to worry about getting into an accident, or anything like that.

Now let's talk about parking, you wouldn't have to look for parking anywhere. When you arrive at your destination, you click the collapse car button on your phone and the car breaks down holographically into your profile in your phone. When you leave again to go back home, same concept, the car just shows up wherever you currently are and you set the location to home. The car then travels itself to your home location on its own digital road. The roads would be linked to the car itself and would disappear as the car is moving forward, that way you don't have a bunch of digital roads from other cars going in all different directions.

It's just a crazy idea but I wanted to share it because well ...... I like to share ideas, whether they're currently possible or not.

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