Steemit Awards 2020 - Nominations by @creativeblue

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We haven't been very active on Steemit in past few months, however every now and then we're checking out few communities (our fav is Project.hope) and we're manually curating whenever we can.

Based on current experience our votes would go to:

Best Author

One of the most consistent and interesting content creator is definetly @josevas217. We found most of his topics very well thought through, sometimes provoking, sometimes challenging. But always easy to read and encouraging for discussion.

We trully believe, that Steemit need more members like Jose.

Best Contributor to the Community

This is not the easiest task, since we've noticed few amazing community leaders putting much effort into their work. However, if we would have to pick one person then it would be @crypto.piotr

We've been around on Steemit for few years already and every time we're finding time to check out what's happening on this platform and visiting Project.hope -> we always realize that Piotr come up with some new interesting initiatives. Initiatives, which always bring more live and energy into PH growing community.

We've also learned, that he has been focusing his support on active users, which have been struggling with lack of rewards and exposure. Always trying to achieve win-win goals.

Best Community

Without any doubts, our nomination would go to Project.hope community.

In recent week there has been over 200 publications posted within PH and majority of those posts were of a good quality. Entire core team (under leadership of crypto.piotr) done a great job removing (muting) spam or low-quality posts. They welcome new authors posting within PH and explain community goals and vision.

PH also managed to build very interesting economy, in which all authors are sharing part of their rewards (20-30% beneficiary) with community fund. And those resources are being used to reward core team members for their work done for the community (fighting with plagiarism, spam, promoting community etc).

Project.hope covers topics realted to: technology, blockchain, economy, business as well as psychology, social media and other topics related to those mentioned.

@creativeblue team

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