Daily Gratitude Meditation November 2019

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11/10/2019 This afternoon I am grateful to know that Wally is dying, grateful to have my autonomy back, my vitality through the roof! I am grateful to understand women, grateful there are others out there making the effort. I am grateful to know the difference between, “there’s nothing wrong here” and “all is well.” I am grateful for coaching, for listening, for speaking into possibility. I am grateful the bright future arriving now. I am grateful the buzz of the city, people going about their lives, the insignificance of objectivity. I am grateful there is no chaos, only life exactly how it is and exactly how it isn’t and the opportunity to act.

11/9/2019 This morning I am grateful for warmth, for sun, for morning light, and for gold leaves falling down. I am grateful to contribute, to help, to assist, to give service this winter. I am grateful for the connections I have made and the possibilities available. I am grateful to move and stretch, grateful to feel around the edges. I am grateful to sit in silence and stillness. This morning I feel grateful for now, for the dreamy memories, and for the future out ahead of me.

11/8/2019 This afternoon I am grateful to be seen by the doctor finally getting some answers!

11/7/2019 This afternoon I am grateful for practice, for being held to account. I am grateful the life lending itself to the lifestyle, the ontological design. I am grateful to give myself over to, to lend a hand, I am grateful when I am asked to help, when I am effective. I am grateful that you are grateful, that you are human, that you are fearless in the face of your fear.

11/5/2019 This morning am grateful

11/3/2019 This morning I am grateful to know who I am, the good, the bad, the ugly, to know none of it matters. I am grateful to let it all go, to be free, to allow the blending, mixing, amalgam of energies, to be aware the single, ever-present, incorruptible, infinite source, the well-spring. I am grateful to inhale, to exhale to be here now present to the miracle that each conscious breath is. I am grateful for this riddle, constantly shifting, changing it’s costume. I’ve got my eye on you, I am grateful for the vigilance it requires, the stillness, the single one-pointed focus of a hunter.

11/2/2019 This morning I am grateful to play, the energy, I’ve got a grateful handle on it. I am grateful the responsibility that I am, gratefully aware the boundaries, where I stop and the rest begins, the abundance of clarity. I am gratefully open to possibility, I surrender.

11/1/2019 This evening I am grateful to do, have and be everything all at once. I am grateful being grateful, grateful the choice and grateful to choose. I am grateful there is still 100% of “the program” left ahead. I am grateful for abundance abounding, the limitless potential coming into existence. I am grateful for the wind today, strong enough to change the scene and still not too cold, marking the distinction of the seasons. I am grateful to connect newly with new people and to connect newly with all.

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