She Has Arrived!

2년 전

My baby girl has arrived and I wanted to take a quick moment to post a little about her and a picture. I will post more information about her birth in the coming weeks...and more pictures! Sorry this is so short, but I want to get back to cuddling my sweet newborn baby girl! Everyone is doing great and adjusting well!

Mi Chiricanita

Isn't she just the sweetest? I just love this phase in newborn life when they sleep all the time! She is a precious gift from God to our family.

flamingo girl 2a.jpg

Born one day after her due date, she is my smallest baby and fastest birth! Her first name is just one we found that we liked that is Hawaiian (like mine). She also has my same initials, and her middle name is a combination of both of her grandmother's middle names. Stay tuned for more!!

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So happy for you! I missed this post when it first came out!

What wonderful news!! I'm so happy for all of you!!


Thank you!! I am so happy to have her around to share with others instead of being the only one. ;)

Awwww how precious!! Que linda! ♥♥♥
Good for you having the energy to post so soon! She is lovely!! Congratulations!!!


Thanks!! She is such a sweet baby. We really love her. ;)

Ah congratulations @apanamamama, what a sweetie pie! She is too precious, enjoy every moment with her :)


She is great - a great sleeper day and night, super sweet baby. We love her! :)


Thanks! She is a super sweet, really easy-going baby!! :) We are happy to have her join the family!

Yay I’m so glad you got around to doing a quick post to introduce her! She’s just as precious as she wants to be! What a beautiful gift from the Lord! I just adore her name. So do you have Hawaiian in your family or just like the names?

Congratulations once again to your beautiful family ~ 💗🥳


No Hawaiian in our family - my parents named me a name they liked and it was Hawaiian (my brothers and parents all have "normal" names). Then we found this one we liked that sounded Hawaiian and after I researched it, we realized it was. It worked out. :) Thank you!!

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Thanks!!! :)

Congratulations! Prayers as you adjust to a new member of the family and to new schedules.

Our entire crew has the same initials. At least for now!


Yep, at least for now the same initials! :) HA! Things are going really well. My parents are in town for another week helping us adjust. It's been nice.


That is a blessing. My parents never came out to visit us when we lived overseas. I wish they would have so that they could understand the other country and culture that was so impactful on their grand kiddos. Keep adjusting. Keep praying!


I can understand you wanting them to be able to see the culture that has impacted your family! Oh man! I'm glad mine have been able to come out a few times and spent a month this time helping out! It has been a blessing! It's funny how adjusting to one more at this point really hasn't been a big deal... :) Thankfully she's a very laid back baby!

Congratulations and enjoy motherhood @apanamamama. Xx


Thanks so much! She's a sweet addition to our family.

Such an adorable little angel! I love the name! Congrats sweet mama! Big hug!


Thank you!! :) She is a sweet baby girl!

She is super cute - congrats :)


Thank you! She's a sweet baby!

So precious! Happy to hear mama and baby are doing well. Such a sweet blessing, love her little outfit! Can't wait to hear more :) Enjoy those snuggles!


Thanks - trying to soak up as much snuggle and cuddle time as I can! :) This season passes so quickly! The outfit she is wearing is a skirt I had made for myself of the local indigenous fabrics. I thought it would make cute picture for my little Panamanian baby. :)