I'm back!


As you may have noticed, I haven't been active on Steem much this year. Between becoming a father and consulting full time for Steemit Inc. there hasn't been much time over for anything else.

It is with mixed feelings I say goodbye to the Steemit team, I've had a lot of fun and learned so much this past year. I will miss you guys! But I'm also very happy to be independent again and able to focus on my own projects.

This is just a quick note to tell you I'm alive and to stay tuned because I will have some exciting announcements in the near future.

World peace!

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  ·  작년

Congratulations on becoming a father and thank you for the work you've done for Steemit!

I hope those announcements are steem related! Feel free to get in contact if you are looking for partners or investors in that case. :)

  ·  작년

Well you were working for steemit inc you technically never left :p

And congratulations on becoming a father ! Hyped to see what you'll bring in the future.

Glad to see you return to Steem.

As I stumbled upon your post here, I would like to thank you for all you are doing for the community. I used Wintersmith for some of my sites, ​and now I'm using your dsteem lib for a new app I'm developing.


Great success in your endeavors and all the best :)

Hey! Congratulations on being a new father!

I am also here to ask a favor, if I may!

As a child, I grew up listening to stories. Stories my grandparent told me, fairy tales that my parents told me before putting me to bed. These stories built my world. They let me dream. They let me grow up with a strong creative mind which is so imaginative that I sometimes get lost in the tales playing out in my mind.

Stories defined me. They made the person I am today. Made me realize of the magic in it, the evil that is prevalent around you, the heroes that live amongst us and tales of friendship and love.

Years later, nothing makes my heart flutter more than holding a book in my hand that promises me a world that I can enter but with no want of return.

Kids needs to hear stories, teens have to dream of the stories and we, adults have to live out the stories that are our life.

I see a lot of fiction in here on Steemit, that I enjoy, I drool over but these posts, they haven't received any due that they deserve.

Gems. Of the priceless type.

Yet, payout at the end of the seven day period ends up being in cents. Most of these users ends up leaving the site after few months of these.

I always thought, I'd accumulate enough SP a day to make a difference, that I'd sit down and spend hours to curate such posts. But after some calculations I realized that it might take forever if I had to wait it out that way.

And I am just not ready to stand by while these new amazing, unknown writers leave us.

So in case you are not really utilizing your SP, would you be kind enough to have it delegated to me?

Welcome for your back

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welcome back.



  ·  작년

Where we can find you, do you have a Discord or Telegram? The doors of your website does not open.

Congratulations for becoming a proud parent!

Wanna know if your Steem Account Creator tool is still functional?

I got the following message in my attempt to create a new account:

Could not create account: The WS connection was closed before this operation was made


Thanks! Looks like it needs to be upgraded to support https transport instead of WebSockets. Little point in doing it now though with HF20 around the corner. I might create some tool that helps people create accounts with the resource credits instead


Yeah, that will be very helpful. If you can do that soon, probably yours will be the first tool facilitating account creation with RC after the HF.
Thanks for all your efforts!