The Bear Market Made me Smarter

9개월 전

The last post I made on Steemit is about 21 days old, and the post I made before that is over a month old. In recent times, Steemit become that awesome place I used to go when things were all rosy and fun before something went bad - the BEAR!

The Bear market was tough, the value of the cryptos dwindled and our ever-present needs as human persists, and that automatically translate that we will need to spend our time elsewhere, where value will be the reward for our time and talent. And this translates to going back to the real world, which really sucks! Some took jobs, others (myself included) focused on the business end of things, working on projects, both online and offline.

In line with @mosunomotunde's post some of the things I have learnt since I have been away from steemit is

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how peng that basket looks
  • Develop other streams of income, the more, the merrier, as long as you're willing to do the work required
  • Self-development should be a lifelong endeavour, develop skills that will keep you relevant in trying times, the bear market we just experienced

At the end of the day, the bear market made me smarter, and more resourceful.

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The bear market made me learn


A sort of blessing in disguise.