How to backup your computer the right way!

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As DTube content creators, you may have loads of footage stored in your computer. We put loads of time and effort to make those. However, if you're in the majority, you probably do not have a proper backup of the files. Imagine one day you lost all of those! I've suffered multiple data loss in the past, so I want to do as much as I can to prevent this in the future.

Meet Backblaze, the unlimited backup service that automatically backs up all data that are stored in drives directly plugged into your computer. It's extremely affordable, lightweight, backs up data continuously in the background without using significant computing power, without doing a thing after initial setup.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video 😉I'm just a happy customer and want to share with you what I use and recommend.

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@techcoderx I agree that backups are VERY IMPORTANT. People usually intend to do it and then BOOM it's too late. Everyone must get into the habit of backing up their data. I make backups of my backups. I also have a HDD cloner and keep backups of everything including my OS and settings along with my data. Great video my friend.