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Thanks for all you do and spreading awareness. The "Truth Matters" shirt is awesome!

10,000 Border Patrol Agents running amok, You fools are such pollyannas.

Let me start by saying I appreciate all of the work that you and Titus do. I understand that it is possible that Craig sawyer could be a complete shill. However, I don’t think being on info wars and gaining a lot of publicity automatically makes you a shill. I would be curious to see if he did have a dishonorable discharge and yes, the fact that he was a bodyguard for the likes of Hilary does bother me. However, I will not hold that against him since he has helped break up many child trafficking rings.

As far as Titus goes, I understand how emotional he is with this issue just as I am. He has children and I think anyone with a child sympathizes with those who have had children become victims to this sick trade. As long as everyone goes within their legal means to fight back against this problem, I’m all for it.

God bless you and Titus. Again, I really enjoy the work that both of you put in and I hope it doesn’t create any drama between you two. The truth community doesn’t need anymore drama.

being someone who was molested as a child, i find nothing more vile and disgusting than pedophilia. with that said i live by the border, in texas, and you see many camps like that. it is usually a stop over for coyotes with gear they need to complete the trip. (water, shoes, clothes, food, hats,etc..) could they traffic children through there, possibly, but finding a camp like that is not anything new or special.

I would like to know if there is actual proof on this story, which is what I have come to expect from your channel. Thank you for all that you do!

there is a lot of news where children are immersed and the nation omits them simply because they stain leaders

Seems like there are a lot of connections to really shady elite players on the land the "camp" was found. Would love to see some analysis on that instead of the alleged vet's character.