DTube | Child's Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

4년 전

An in-depth look into the very latest from Tucson, AZ, where Veterans on Patrol claims they found a child's dead body.

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To quote Darth Vader: 'I find your lack of faith...' Refreshing! It is good to question everything, since we are demonstrably being infiltrated and misled by very deep pockets and extremely well-trained agents.

Despite what mistakes may have been made by civilians on the ground, in the past, or in their investigations, or communications, the bare fact is that they have discovered human remains, and either the tranny is involved, or clueless.

I am confident the individual Sheriff's Deputies are concerned about the human remains, and will investigate to the limits of their abilities, which may include being ordered to stand down.

Since civilians aren't subject to such hierarchies, I reckon crowdsourcing investigations is what we should do, particularly in view of the fact that human trafficking almost certainly involves corrupt officials on both ends of the trail, including AZ.

The Odin.com has PCR machines for sale for less than $200. Anons can make this happen, including DNA evidence. Technology always empowers individuals more than institutions, and this is an example of powers formerly limited to deep capital now being available for the price of a good lunch.