Bad Design #11 — 2 billion people can’t be wrong

3년 전

If you’ve grown up using chopsticks, you probably don’t think twice about them.

If you haven’t, and you try them, they make no sense.

But it’s all about perspective isn’t it. My view through my culture, and your view through your culture give different results, even though we’re looking at the same thing (a point the world could learn from designers, it’s called empathy, Google it).

So, is it bad design?

..the answer to every question is…..depends.

To somebody that didn’t grow up using them, yes, bad design. But to the 2 billion people who did grow up with them, no.

So, opportunity? always. Difficulty level? Depends, hahaha.
Which market are you targeting? The 2 billion or the rest of the world that occasionally use them?

Good luck, whichever one you choose.

But just imagine…2 billion!

- - -

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