Really, Really, Really Bad Karaoke: Monster Edition

8개월 전

RBK monster edition.png
really, really, really bad graphics made by mo

Just wanna say that I noticed an error in the last RRBK graphic. The song, I'm Too Sexy is actually by Right Said Fred, not Right Side Fred. Get your sh*t together. Thanks. — The Editor

Well, I can assure you that this graphic is correct. My bad on the last one.

I discovered the monster voice option this morning, so I decided to have a little fun before the house wakes up. And then, I decided to have a little more fun. A contest if you will. A little contest before the contest contest. All you have to do is listen and guess which 5 Steemians/Groups I gave shout-outs to during the song. It's a little hard to pick out since the monster is strong in this one, but if you're one of the first 3 to guess correctly, you will win 1SBI! And that, my Friends, is the good gift that keeps on giving.

Watch Solo performance: Rhythm Is A Dancer from YoItsMolo on

Don't Forget!!
#BadKaraoke the Contest returns in 2 weeks!

graphic used with permission this time. ask @snook.

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Muhahahahaha YOU NAILED IT .... hahaha looooooove it :D


the monster approves!!

Now there will be some wish if luck needed here