Bad, Bad Karaoke Explained- Bad Karaoke Challenge "Kiss Me" Winners

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Behold the Bad, Bad Karaoke!!!!



We have some exciting news!!! @molovelly has agreed to take on a full time position in the Bad Karaoke contest and will be assisting @simgirlandsnook with everything bad. In honor of this new development we are adding another Bad to the Bad Karaoke name. Behold the Bad, Bad Karaoke!!

For those who have never heard of Bad Karaoke, here's is 411. Bad Karaoke is a contest @simgirlandsnook started last year. The karaoke contest on Steemit at the time was to us like the auditions to The Voice. The entries to the karaoke contest were such great singers that we felt intimidated to join.

We watched as the karaoke contest grew and more and more talented singers joined. The singers sang so well that we believed we never had a chance at the karaoke prize. In fact, we had decided that if we did enter the contest, our entries would be "bad" compared to them.


On one of the episodes of Sim Your Life, @simgirlandsnook mentioned this karaoke insecurity and decided what Steemit needed was a karaoke contest where the prize was not determined by the talent of the singer's voice. Thus, Bad Karaoke was born.

We wanted to judge the contestants on the passion they displayed, the creativity of the entry and the amount of fun the person was having while singing their favorite songs.

We started the contest not knowing the outcome and were delighted to see that there were Steemians that loved the opportunity to let loose. After a while, Bad Karaoke took on a life of its own. We were sad to end the contest, but other priorities in life took precedence.


Now we are excited to bring the Bad Karaoke back and it's even More Bad this time because we have discovered Twitch Sings!!!!

Twitch Sings is a karaoke game on Twitch where you can perform and record your favorite karaoke songs. The program allows you to use your web cam or an avatar to perform, records the performance, and then saves the video to your Twitch account. You can then watch the video and share the embedded link to your Steemit posts.

This game is perfect for the Bad, Bad Karaoke contest and has inspired us to begin again. At least for the Summer!


All Summer you can join the Bad, Bad Karaoke contest and win prizes at the same time as entertaining the Steemit masses. In order to prepare you for the contest, we would like to offer you some challenges.

These challenges will give you time to find your Bad, Bad Karaoke voice and style, and will also give you time to explore the Twitch Sings game.

Our last Bad Karaoke Challenge was the "Kiss Me" challenge and we are happy to announce @tygertyger knocked this challenge out of the ballpark!

We loved the singing and the video she made to enter this challenge. She really shows us how Bad Karaoke should be done and amazed us with her creativity and passion. For her efforts, @tygertyger will receive 5 SBI thanks to @enginewitty.

Check it out!


We made a Movie! -entry to the Simgirl and Snook Bad Karaoke "Kiss Me" Challenge!.

Go give her an upvote!


This week we will be adding another post to announce the newest Bad, Bad Karaoke challenge.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow @simgirlandsnook and the #badkaraoke tag for all the details of the upcoming Bad, Bad Karaoke contest beginning this Summer.

We'd like to thank everyone for their support and love for the Bad Karaoke contest and wish nothing but Bad, Bad Karaoke fun for everyone!!!


We hope to spread the news that we are returning Bad Karaoke far and wide across Steemit. Won't you help us do that by resteeming this post and the other Bad Karaoke posts to spread the awareness?


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If you would like to sponsor the #badkaraoke contest please contact @snook or @simgirl, or simply send a donation to the @simgirlandsnook wallet with the memo "Bad Karaoke Prize" We will be sure to give you a shout out and distribute the rewards to our winners each week. Otherwise, we plan on splitting the payout of the Bad, Bad Karaoke entry post for each week's contest. Big Thanks to @sgt-dan, @molovelly, and @artimisnorth for the generous start! We now have a Slider to vote on Steemit!!!


Happy Singing!!

Snook, Simgirl and Molovelly


Vote for Witness Enginewitty!


Vote for Witness Steemgigs!

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Vote for Witness c0ff33a!


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Sent sweets :) Grats!


Congrats!! it was beautiful!!

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I devised a quote, which I think is appropriate whether one loves karaoke, or is terrified by the thought. With the TwitchSings game, it is even more meaningful... 😂


Thanks for bringing all your hilarity and giggles to PYPT each week with the karaoke madness!


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