Banana program week 7

2년 전

one day I came to a stall suddenly someone arrived when I was together with friends he sat with confidence and he explained Actually I myself was expecting and not with this pregnancy, considering the husband who works to go to many tourist attractions and used to invite me. Actually, we wanted to postpone this pregnancy for up to one year, until finally I told some of these desires to the family and they all suggested not to delay.

The reason is because the presence of children is a sustenance from God and not all women in this world are given the opportunity to live it. Believe, if pregnancy will not interfere with work, especially sustenance from God. As I told you in the blog that my husband was pioneering some of his websites and was looking forward to my role to help, then he told me that his husband had not returned home for a long time and asked me to help him become a husband for a while. and I thought everything was broken from all sense because he still had a husband but asked me to be her husband so as not to be ashamed of the neighbors who did not know because he had just moved to that place.

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Congratulations on completing your Week 7 of Banana Program

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