Bandwidth exceeds GBP 800

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,,,The use of the internet bandwidth of the country exceeded 800 GBPs. In the last week of September, this landmark crosses 820 GBPs. In the last 10 days, it has said that the concerned people. Earlier, the use of internet bandwidth for the first time in the end of December, 2007, exceeded five hundred GBPps.

In the next eight months, more than 300 Gbps internet bandwidth is being used to increase the use of mobile phones, and the overall digitization process including the spread of fiber optic connectors are seen as the reason. Earlier in 2016, the use of Internet bandwidth in the country of 300 Gbps Peru.

Postal, telecommunications and IT Minister Mustafa Jabbar told, "The speed of bandwidth usage was a normal result. Because the situation of the Internet since 2009 and I have seen the use of human data, the result is this. "He said," In the year 2006, there was a submarine cable in the country. From 2006 to 2008 it was only up to 8 GBps. From now on, this usage has increased 100 times. '

Fiber optic connection has been provided in the house up to the upazila union. Thriji-Fourgie has been brought. 88 percent of the country's data usage is now through mobile. When this was launched in February, there was an increase of 100 GBp bandwidth usage in a month. '

The minister said, there will be no space left in the country's island, enclaves, remote areas, where there will be no internet connection between June 2019. Where fiber optics can not be given in any way, the satellite will be used, but the internet connection will go. And these infrastructures play a major role in data usage. '

According to the BTRC, at the end of August, there were 9.5 million internet connections in the country. Of which only 60 million broadband connections. However, the bandwidth cost is the highest in this connection, said broadband service providers.

Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) general secretary Emdadul Haq told, the subscriber of broadband subscribers now has 65 million Where their total bandwidth usage will be more than 450 gbps. At the beginning of the year it was near 250 Gbps. It's almost twice this month. This internet businessman seems to grow faster.


There are 65 million mobile phone connections in the country, about 65 million mobile subscribers Operators are saying that the use of mobile data is more than that. According to different accounts, 500 GBPs will now be used in the total used data, through the Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company. The demand for bandwidth is increasing due to BSCCL's two alternate connections.

Moreover, through Internet torricular cable, more than 300 Gbps bandwidth comes from India. Businessmen say that in recent years the internet has jumped on the internet. And that's why the usage rate of internet bandwidth is more than ever before.

In addition, many digital services have been introduced in the country, which is only possible using the internet. Many services of the government are now available through the internet. As a result both the Internet subscriber and the usage are increasing.

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