Fly Drone Smashed, This Tourist Kenda Fines Millions of Rupiah

4년 전

Banff - Not all places allow the use of drones. Tourists in Canada also have to pay a fine for illegally flying a drone in a national park.

Travelers who visit Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains region of Canada, can not carelessly fly the drones. If you want to take pictures with drones, must get permission first from the park. If not, then the act is considered illegal.

On a visit from Rocky Mountain Outlook on Friday (22/06/2018), in March a German traveler known as Philipp Johann Boettger was caught flying a drone in Banff National Park area.

The action is known by the park's officers, after a resident told us that there were tourists flying the drones. The drone was seen flying over Bow Waterfall and near the pedestrian bridge of Banff.

For his actions, Boettger had to deal with the local police. Boettger himself admitted to not knowing about the rules in the national park, where the traveler should not fly the drones.

In the trial which took place early June, Boettger finally decided sanctioned. He must pay a fine of 500 Canadian dollars (Rp 5.2 million).

As reported by CBC News, previously there are also tourists fined for flying a drone in Baff National Park. Just like Boettger, a tourist from Calgary named Danny McEachen also did not know the prohibition of flying a drone in the national park.

At first he thought would get a warning just because he did not know the rules. But apparently not so, McEachren was asked to attend the trial in court. Finally he also imposed a fine of 500 Canadian dollars.

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