Bankers are now asking new questions under threat of suspension of access to online banking.

3년 전

I recently noticed that Bank Of America does not allow me to login unless I update my profile answering new question: "do you have dual citizenship ?"
I've never had such mandatory new questions happen with any other bank that stand in my way to login.
Is something big happening like new legislation or imminent freeze of banking accounts because new questions are required to be answered ?

Do you know of any other banks that started to ask such mandatory new questions to be able to login online ?

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I'm getting that now. I hit them up on Twitter and they've been trying to explain to me why, etc. So far they've only explained it unsatisfactorily. The latest call I received from them they told me that it's "because of the Patriot act" but they couldn't explain to me how this ties in with it. And the girl in the phone said "if you're looking for something in writing, we're not going to provide that" -- And I was like WTF? So I told her I need to see their publicly posted policy explaining this intrusion of privacy.