Bankroll pays out 3.33% daily! How? Find out!

3년 전

Alright, so I was on the phone with an investor for one of my projects...and we started talking about cryptocurrency.
He brought up this new system called Bankroll that runs on Tron (TRX). It would pay me 3.33% interest every day on my investment. I thought that was too good to be true, and compared it with Bitconnect. We both had a laugh about it.


But he told me that this was different, this system runs under a smart contract, that is what Bitconnect was missing! Also, this system is set up way better and even has a 'Whale Protection', which I will explain in a second. For any investment you make in the system. 15% goes directly to the treasury of Bankroll. So, let's say you would invest 1000TRX, your account will be funded by 850TRX. This is one thing that I like, the other great thing they offer is multiple games and casino's, where you can all pay with your TRX, what will be taxed eventually to go back in the treasury.


So if you lose at gambling, some of that money will go back in the system. They have a lot of dApps to make you want to spend some TRX on and will keep adding new games and other dApps in the future. I think this is a great system! But maybe the most important part is the Whale Protection.
This system is built to keep the greedy whales out. It is set up with a maximum of $30.000 worth of Tron (TRX) to invest at a rate of 3.33% interest. After $30.000 the daily profit rate will go down as low as 0.05%, what would make it less attractive for whales to want to invest a large amount of money into the Bankroll system.


That gives the community the safety that whales cannot drain the system dry by pulling out large sums of money at once. This gives me a lot more trust and confidence to invest my money in than in a shady Bitconnect. No secrets, transparency is the key! I've started my investment with 15.000TRX and I love to see the results, you can literally see the money dripping in by the minute! I will keep compounding (reinvesting) for now. What you will need for this to start is some Tron (TRX), you can buy it anywhere, I used Binance. The second thing you will need is a TronWallet, I use it on my mobile phone (android).


Here is the link to download the wallet:

Safe link to access Bankroll:

Profit calculator:

Bankroll Telegram:

Let us know what you think about this new system below in the comments, and make sure to follow for more posts.


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