How I heard about STEEMIT


First of all I want to introduce myself , I’m Abel , simple barber 💈 travelling all around Europe to discover specific haircut techniques 💇‍♂️ that each country has . I do this job/ hobby for over 16 year’s and I landed in the UK for now .
To start sharing my story how I heard about Steemit : one week ago I had a client in the shop where I work and he seemed to be < enthusiastic > that at the end of his haircut session he told us that before entering the barbershop he took a picture of the shop and posted it on Steemit before getting his haircut and 45 mins later to show us the results
(xx$ ) , than the story continues sharing with us the Steemit website/platform and to be honest all my colleagues seemed to be so 100% interested in getting in to this < platform > but the shock was yesterday (6 days later) when I asked them if they signed up for Steemit ... they seemed to have forgotten about this already. Well I signed up the evening of that day I found out about it , and to be honest I’ve done my research about it . So with all that said this will be my first post and in the meantime I spread the news in the shop about Steemit bcs I can and it seems to be a very good subject to end up talking to clients about , they’re attention and how they absorb each word I say about Steemit is fascinating. I’m really curious how many clients I can bring in to Steemit ? Probably I’ll keep score and write in comment section if there are actually friends and clients from the shop that I really managed to signup .
Hope you enjoyed this short story , and BIG THANKS 🙏 to @dandays for sharing STEEMIT

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Just an idea. I have millions of them, like everyone else. 😜

Client comes to you, you do the job good and ask him permission to make some photos for publishing on Steem blockchain - like Then comes the deal. You promise to share, lets say, 50% of your rewards with him. To get the money he has to sign up and get account. When he signs up, he posts an intro post with his nice haircut and adds @lazarabel to it. Then you share the rewards.

IMHO it is win-win-win situation. You get the content, client gets his payback and steemit new user. 🙌

And we faken moon this thingie. 🚀👯‍♀️🥂😂


lol very good idea but as u can see I'm still at the beginning and still have to explore a-lot ,my photo upload and cover photo😅 . if u could send me a link YT on how to the things u mentioned above will be a lot more helpful. LvL naab on me 🥴


Don't know what you do not get, but here are some useful links to check out. - you official profile where the rewards can be seen (in 7 days). - unofficial site that has all the necessary stuff to understand what is going on - unofficial rating system that labels everybody with a fish name

To get out rewards, you have to power down. Right now the rewards are given in STEEM POWER (SP). SP is STEEM that is locked in blockchain for 13 weeks. Like put in bank for a deposit and you can get all the money (STEEM) every week during the next 13 weeks.

Here is another link I found out today. It has all the links about STEEM blockchain.


Very helpful!

I’m way more enthusiastic about this article, though—you’ll have to just take my wOrd for it.

Welcome to Steemit @lazarabel, I’d be lying if I said this isn’t the coolest thing I’ve read all day. Let me help you out a little bit, cool? Edit this article and add a few more tags. Tag #introducemyself #steemit #palnet and #steem. You’re allowed 5 tags on this platform. I’m glad you made it over here. See you around and congratulations on the reward. See this, @splatz?


ty bro


Hey what's up, Abel? I'm Arts, I'm in your barbershop right now. Here's that info I was telling you about. is a really good platform, I use it a lot. You're already familiar with esteemapp, I do all of my posting with that one. Quick responses and a nice app that's handy is Partiko, it's available in the App Store.

I’m only a few thumbs away man, whenever you need something, shoot me a line.

I know how it all seems kind of overwhelming at first, I know I was overwhelmed when I first got here but, like everything else, with time it’s simplified.


You Rang Sir (English accent) Well I’m answerin’!!

I can't tell you how many times I have done this same thing, only to get the result that @lazarabel got from his buddies. They simply forgot about it and didn't do anything. So good on you @lazarabel for taking initiative! And good on you too @dandays for spreading the good word of STEEM! Re-steemed!

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wooooww ..... speechless

Welcome lazarabel!
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