Captains say no to cut

8개월 전


Barça players have said no, at the moment, to the salary reduction proposed by the Barça club for the period of time that the confinement lasts. Josep Maria Bartomeu called a Board of Directors for yesterday at noon, which was finally delayed until today. Thus, he tried to buy time to convince the players to accept a proposal that, according to various sources, is somewhat more benevolent than the one made with the other sections. The ERTE, which has to propose the same cut for all sections, would leave without 70% of the salaries to all professional teams. However, Bartomeu could offer certain ‘compensations’ to first-team players so that their rebate does not exceed 50%, admitting the difference between the sections in generating income. Still, the captains' response to that proposal has been negative. It should be remembered that the Temporary Regulation File is only protected by legality while the state of alarm lasts.

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