#bark Art Challenge Submission by @carpedimus 🌳🌴🌲

2년 전

This is my submission to the “#bark Art” Challenge by @torico

And now for something completely different.... - @torico

The idea is to post an image(s) of….well...Bark :)

So yesterday while walking on the main street of my city, I have noticed this amazing Eucalyptus tree standing tall in the middle of the street.

It must be over 100 years old.

And ofcourse it reminded me of this challenge, as in my opinion the bark of the eucalyptus is one of its unique features.

So here are the original photos I have taken.

This one is of a palm tree

After coming home, I have decided to play around a bit with the colors of the images i have taken in Photoshop.

And I must admit I got some crazy ass psychedelic results.

So as this challenge is not only about BARKS but also about ART...here is my artistic interpretations of Eucalyptus and Palm Tree Bark growing on my street :)

So to continue this thing on, I thereby challenge the following people:

@mountainjewel, @bycoleman, @llfarms, @geekorner ;) and @mjphoto (I know @torico have already challenged you, but I still havent seen your post on the tag and I would really like to see it, so I tag you once more! :)

If you feel like joining in on the fun :) , consider your self challenged.

Would be awesome to see some of your barks. 😎

Not that kind of bark…. :)

This kind...

Here are the loose guidelines by Tor

Join in the fun by tagging five people you know,

and challenge them to

#bark art!!!

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some really cool visuals here,,, love! eucalypyptus. i want to hug da tree. no da puppy! no both!


heheh :) yeah eucalyptus is awesome!
On top of being a beautiful tree, it also has tons of medicinal functions!!

Hey @carpedimus! I recognize the familiar streets :) what city is this? I grew up in Bat yam.


LOL...nice coincidence :)

It was taken in Rehovot, my current dwelling place.

So you grew up in Bat-yam, interesting....and where do you live now?


Cool! my best friend lives in rehovot! Yeah i grew up on the border between bat-yam and yafo.
and now i live in Florida since 2000 :P