Freyja & Shara Extended Version, for Rada quest TCG

3년 전

Freyja & Shara EXT , for Rada quest TCG


Good day steemiants.

Today, we present Freyja & Shara in its extended version.

Give me your spear charged with power!
Those damn don't know what we can do together.
Feel how all our sensual power flows through each spear.
join me and do not separate... give me everything you have to be able to beat them all.


Created by Xerllig(@xerllig) for Rada Quest TCG

It will be one more card from the Rada Quest TCG.

I hope you like it !

I remind you all the Radquest contest!
We are looking for an illustration to add to our cards!
So I encourage and we await your illustrations!
There are amazing prizes!
It is a good opportunity to see your drawing as a Rada Quest card!
The time to present your illustration is running out Soon!

Whish to see you in Rada !!!

Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render

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Menamorao 💘 @beyondraws. Very sexy, the description is too sensual for ma body. Look that face expresion, OMGss, I f*king love it!! The hair, that top, the effect in the spears!! There's now an Angel Exterminador versus Freyja & Shara for my favorite character (I also love Berglijot, so he is ma favorite male character)

Congratulations great job! But next time don't kill me with WIPs!!!

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Inglés, Español o ambos dos inclusive, ah? jajajaja quedastes crazy crazy @arkmy.


Spanglish beibi

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Another great contribution to the universe of Rada Quest full of fantasy and beauty. Congratulations @xerllig!

Excellent work! :P

Una excelente contribución al trabajo de @radaquest @beyondraws impresionante trabajo una chicas guerreras sin par Freyja & Shara

Un trabajo impecable, bien desarrollado, exquisito a la vista y con una descripción sensual y poderosa como ambas guerreras. Sálvese quien pueda en RADA, @beyondraws. Te felicito por tu talento y gran creatividad, gracias por ponerla en el mundo de @radaquest. Te abrazo con cariño!.

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Exquisito arte con mucho colorido y talento, gracias por compartirlo, apoyamos tu trabajo desde aquí y te felicitamos por tus creaciones, @beyondraws.