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For every great achievement, a great battle is expected, because the challenges of a true champion will always take place at high levels of danger that, to the naked eye, seem difficult to overcome.
Rejoice whenever a great battle comes your way. This is a sign that you are a great warrior.
The path to the top of the conquest is done by winning battle by battle, because there are stages that take us to others before we reach the goal of conquest.
Be patient in the smaller battles, to be prepared for bigger battles.
Most of the battles to be won take place in silence, where all applause is silenced by the loneliness of not having help.
So don't trust someone else's strength to win your own battles.
The people we trust so much are not always willing to help us defeat those who want to defeat us.
Our victory confuses even many who are close to us. So trust only in God and believe that you are capable.
When the projection for your success is visible to those around you, be prepared, because many will work in silence to silence their victory.
But the strength that comes within you will always be greater than all the negative energies of those around you. So, don't fear who wants to see you on the ground, rather fear the fear of not feeling capable.

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