Splinterlands Giveaway!

2년 전

Fellow Steemians!

Today there is a Splinterlands Giveaway on my blog and I am looking forward to some participations. You can win Beta Booster Packs, DEC and I'll also randomly give away cards to some players, even if they do not win one of the main prizes.


To participate in this Giveaway:

  • Upvote this post
  • Write a comment with #Splinterlands
  • Resteem this post (optionally)

These are the prices:

  • First place: Two Beta Packs
  • Second place: One Beta Pack
  • Third place: 500 DEC
  • Fourth place: 250 DEC

Every participant will also have the chance to win a mystery card!

The winners will be randomly drawn with Steem comment picker and announced in a few days.

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This is an insane giveaway!! #Splinterlands

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I hope I will win ☺😊

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Thank you very much for the #Splinterlands contest.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

Hi there I'm building this char I name the steemit account a char and games without investing. I'm already at 70 sp. I cast my games like you see at my profile I prerecord it and schedule the YouTube with @share2steem I automaticly post it to steemit, palnet and spt. I'm doing a reair with d.tube

Also don't forget to claim your account.

With this I managed to get 70sp from the 20sp delegation of #splinterlands at the beginning. Okok I have a 500sp delegation now but that's because with all the playing the voting and the posting my rc dropped like a fly and missed steemposts so I rented 500sp at @minnowbooster.

I don't buy cards with this account because I want to let people see that you can play without buying cards is it easy? No but it is doable. And humorous me playing against goliath with their bought cards or decks. Yes I buy cards with my main profile.

That's why I am entering contests like this recently. To upp my deck without buying.

Greetings @greendeliver-sm aka @hans001

Ps. I already did the @hans001

Ps. I already did the @hans001

Ps. I already did the #splinterlands tag in my comment it's a bit confusing with the #steemmonsters rebranding.

#Splinterlands Good giveaway!👍

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#splinterlands tengo desde el 2018 jugando <3

Entra a este concurso @yonilkar

Nice giveaway you got going. I've got a small one going myself. Feel free to join.

I LOVE #Splinterlands !!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Wow! This is a really generous giveaway @elevator09! I know the beta packs would really help me get closer to Gold II. #Splinterlands

if it is not too late to join :)

#splinterlands is the best!
Thanks for the contest. :)


Thanks for running this giveaway

Great!! I want to be tag on this #splinterlands giveaway! Very good prices!

#Splinterlands That is a pretty cool chance to win! Fingers are crossed!

I hope I get to win, nice contest.

El mío va a ser el más original por ser en "extranjero" xD

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#Splinterlands starts my day off with a daily quest. 👍👍

I really hope I win something in the #splinterlands giveaway. My account name is the same.

Hello, lovely @elevator09

I love to play #Splinterlands , mainly with nature splinter!!!!

The intricacies of this game are as fascinating of a study as the game is fun to play. The slightest tweak can turn a losing team into a powerhouse and a stroke of luck can make all the difference. Do you defend against sneak? Magic? SNIPE?! Does your tank need to hit hard and fast or endure unspeakable punishment? How the BLAZES are you gonna squeeze in your favorite magic blaster when EVERYTHING has reflect?! You can easily go blissfully mad clawing and biting your way up just a few more points to get to that next tier just before that stack of A$$HOLE skulls springs up out of nowhere and b$tchslaps you back down to silver league and even though they aren't animated you can see they're laughing at you. Enough of this. I gotta get back to the game. There's probably a tournament coming up I can place 103rd in. See you on the battlefield.

I'm here for the giveaway baby #splinterlands


Sorry you Will not win this time ....Because I am here too

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Hmm, you mentioned #Splinterlands? 😲
Or is it Splinterland? 🤔
And asked for a comment?

Here you go.
As you should know
I would love to make a chance 😍
Just once 😢

To win a two beta pack 🏆
or one
or some DEC. 😁

With your help @elevator09
I can stop practising, join battles
with monster I can call all mine! 👹😈👌

Thanks for the challenges 💕

I love to play steemmonsters daily

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@elevator09, this is very effective giveaway. Keep up and stay blessed.


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I hope I win something from this Giveaway as o haven't been very lucky lately😅

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I am In and Thank you for the Opportunity....... #Splinterlands

Very nice giveaway! Thank you friend! Resteemed! #Splinterlands

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What a cool opportunity! Thank you!

Upvoted, thank you for this giveaway, my username in SM is @itharagaian

  ·  작년

You are delegating to a account @mmmmkkkk311 who is downvoting me for nothing! So I will downvote your posts of course!
Best regards!

Fullfilled the criteria of giveaway, I will love to get some booster pack.

Thank you for the giveaway :)

what a nice giveaway, thank you. upvoted and resteemed

Greetings, @elevator09

Thank you for give this chance to us for win booster packs and another prize at this wonderful game #Splinterlands

#battle spt #palnet

I have upvoted and resteemed this post. Hope you guys check-out my Splinterlands play at DTube. #Splinterlands

upvoted & resteemed

Lets go! >:o

#Splinterlands looks like I should start playing this game, so many events.

I am a new player of this awesome game, I am so exited with #splinterlands


Thanks for the giveaway. The game is fun.


Hi @mendelian,

I thought you might be interested in taking a peak at the very first 3D Steem Blockchain game. Its launching beta in just 2 days and has a mobile version.

20% in game bonus for signing up with an affiliate link: https://steemknights.com/ref/@rentmoney

Raw Link(No Bonus): https://steemknights.com

Good luck on the battle field!

it is a good contest for steem game players, I'm love play steemmonster game play.
i hope all steem user need to play this game. because here have more opinion.
with #Splinterlands play game.

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Hi @elevator09 looks like you brought in Christmas early thanksfor this give away opportunity #Splinterlands

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