One More Monthly Subscriptions Slot Still Available - 300 DEC for 1 Month of $0.02 daily upvotes plus votes for all steem-engine tokens shown

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About Givememonsters

We are testing out a new monthly subscription based service for the Givememonsters DEC bot and we have filled all but 1 of our available slots that we are offering at this time.

The first individual to submit for registration will be granted the last spot. This is on a first come, first served basis and it is easier to reach us via our discord server if you'd like to discuss.

Currently 10 DEC buys you an on-demand style upvote for $0.02 on Steemit and also comes connected to Upvotes for all of the side-chain (steem-engine) sites listed in the imagine above all for free at no additional cost.

If you would like to continue to use our bot but are tired of submitting individual links regularly through steem-engine then reach out to use and we can setup a steemauto-based daily upvote service for your account.

We will set the daily steemauto service to upvote every 24 hours and the initial roll out will be limited to 1 upvote per day, per user, unless usage allows us to provide more Upvotes per day to those interested in using this service.

With that in mind we will charge:

10 DEC per day - over 30 day periods

Total monthly payment = 300 DEC

If you need further assistance, you can drop by our dedicated new Discord Channel and talk to us in real-time there.

Thank you!


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@manniman your monthly subscription will be ending this coming Friday. I couldn't find you in our discord so hoping to reach you here. If you'd like to re-up for another month please let me know. Thank you!