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Looks like the rental market is doing good.

I mainly have low level cards so I delegate accounts out instead of renting individual cards. I got about 10 accounts rented out so far.

I may also need to create some alt accounts for myself for posting on the various interfaces. I like your simplistic approach of simply adding .spt to the end of the alt.


Yes, it's hard to rent out low level cards on the market, so the account delegation makes a lot of sense. I'm going to be doing more of that myself.

And you can thank @tcpolymath for the .scot ideas. I like being able to upvote by SCOT rather than doing all in one. A post might be fine for STEEM but off-topic for SPT. Having the accounts split gives me that flexibility at the cost of sometimes being a pain in the ass and sometimes replying from the wrong account!

Hi @neal.spt @nealmcspadden Is this a mistake due to language barrier? my post you downvoted was related to Splinterlands. I was emphasizing ad revenue. and mentioned that Splinterlands should also consider ad. You can see that even aggroed upvoted it. I'd appreciate if you would remove your downvote.

Try this if you haven't which I made.


Yep, my mistake