Trying out Battlegames.IO another frontend/tribe


Hi there, i got some BATTLE tokens due to their lotterys of Splinterlands packs and the likes, then i didnt think much more of it untill i read an article about, and now i went to check on it!
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Even tough i personally feel the community of all STEEM frontends are starting to make it chaotic i must say its interesting to get more gaming posts in the feed, and i definitely enjoy the abillity to claim Steemengine tokens, and the fact that the wallet is still kept on the same webpage.

will be interesting to follow a little more, and now i will definitely start using my voting power on the plattform!

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Thanks for joining us, appreciate the support! We have a 50/50 author-curator rewards split, so definitely worth while to vote using your BATTLE and earn on curation. 🔥 We'll also be on steempeak in the next few weeks!

Hi, @brasan!

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