Trying to score some TARUK (Radaquest)


So i finally heard about the upcoming game Radaquest, with the token TARUK, from whaat i read over at Battlegames.IO they have had a fenomenal payout to investors this far, and the game has not launched yet. So i decided to look more into it, and the game actually seems to be quite cool!


And the ROI people have had this far seems quite nice. for now, its not so easy to score on the S-Eexchange, but its possible to score some online for paypal (i dont have that chanche now :(

So i will continue to try and pick them up on S-E along the way, staking what i get. and hopefully i will be able to stake 6-700 in not too long :)

check out @radaquest for more info!

And you have the Whitepaper here:

Enjoy the week and GAME ON!

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Welcome @brasan and thanks a lot for your support!

Pues bienvenido, seguimos esperando la salida del juego y mientras tanto aportando y dandole un cariñito comprando taruk, te esperamos en el discord de radaquest donde el equipo conformado por varios integrantes @arkmy @wiriwiri te pueden orientar sobre el tema ellos tienen post excelentes sobre @radaquest @brasan y por supuesto el creador y pensador del juego @marcosdk.

Well, welcome, we are still waiting for the exit of the game and meanwhile contributing and giving you a sweetie buying taruk, we are waiting for you at the radaquest discord where the team made up of several members @arkmy @wiriwiri can guide you on the subject they have excellent posts about @ radaquest @brasan and of course the creator and thinker of the game @marcosdk.

Well you just scored some more BATTLE for this post! Best of luck on your journey to acquire the powerfull TARUK 🔥

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Welcome and Taruk to the moon!! 🌝

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