What to do with your big Steemit Payout (hint, throw a BBQ!)

5년 전

You just got your life changing Steemit Payout.
....You powered up some,
..........You spent some,
................You still have some burning a hole in your pocket.
......................What are you gonna do now?

Step 1. Go directly to your local Butcher Shop.

Step 2. Ask the butcher for a Rib Eye. No, not a steak, the whole thing.

Ask for a nicely marbled one with a little fat on top. Still sealed is fine.
Tell him a joke while he gets it from the walk-in fridge. Yes, tell the dirty one...
If you've made friends with your butcher, and tell a good joke, sometimes they give you a deal!

Step 3. Buy a Gallon of A1 Sauce.

Yes. A whole gallon.

Step 4. Run home and sharpen your knife.

Step 5. Slice the steaks to your favorite thickness.

Step 6. Break out the Seal-A-Meal and preserve these beauties.

Step 7. Post a picture on Steemit to say thanks!

Thanks Steemit!

This place rocks!

I'm off to light the Q...


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