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I found good project for BCIO . this is invest your money or free claim token.

but it good for invest your money . it good plan for minimum invest your money less 1000 euro.

that easy to use trade platform and  if you want to don't buy ,you can free claim this token.

so that blockchain,io is new trading platform and  will also provide advisory services to companies launching ICOs. 

 What is a BCIO Token?

So,  you might be wondering what exactly will be the coin and  how it will be used. coins are called BCIO Tokens. BCIO  Tokens are utility coins, designed to provide a smooth and secure  experience for cryptocurrency traders and users on our trading platform.We are determining 200 Million BCIO tokens for use, 60% of which to be available during the token sale. 

So  Which currencies can be exchanged on Paymium? 

 Until now, Paymium has focused on the European market and thus on  EUR/BTC exchange. New currencies will very soon be available for  exchange against Bitcoin: dollars, yen, etc.  

 Why choose 

 In today's crypto market, there is a place for everyone. The market is  still in its infancy and full of potential to grow, with room for  competing exchanges.

The main reason to choose is that Paymium has the best  security track record of all crypto-exchange platforms. Paymium has been  hack-free since 2013. This security will be available to investors  trading on  

So If you want to join whitelist : Info

But if you want to don't buy yet, that easy you can get free airdrop token project.

Join Link

Airdrop Description

It's very easy to collect 200 Entries! In fact, you can do it in just  two steps: Joining our Telegram group and following us on Twitter.  Don't forget to confirm your e-mail address. You must have a valid  e-mail address to be able to receive your Tokens. 

Step 1 . Join Telegram

Step 2 . Join Twitter

Step 3 . follow email address

first you need fill your user name in the box

second put your emaill addrss and check notify box

third contine to next page and fill ther requirement form.

if you complete you will get free token! as a amount prize.

if you want to know learn more

twitter  Facebook  telegram  medium

Thank for watching! 

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Yes . Really you can free claim token above link

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