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5년 전

Time for some serious business on Steemit.

I took a little bit of time and set up a nice office chair for my remote office space. I like steemit because I can be my own boss and work from anywhere. I decided to go with a co-working space provided by nature, with tethered internet on my phone.

First I carved out my office space, and made a holder for my beer.

Tethered up to my phone on half decent internet and got started.

View was nice, got some other work done, checked the markets.

Finishing up my post.

Took longer than I wanted but the ocean sounds were nice.

Well it's nice being able to work from anywhere. Thanks steemit! You can't get me in a cubicle, well not unless it's a lot of money.

Guide. Go to Beach. Be very paranoid of sand. Find a spot to settle down. Dig a hole. Make a cup holder for a beer. Start working.

Any ways, look forward to see who can up my anti, maybe steem it from Mt. Everest?

Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend who put up with this hehe.


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I am currently a Niagara Fallsview Casino break room Steemian! Have some food, make some STEEM...

  ·  5년 전

This is how you get internet stalkers friend.. :P


Too late, already got 'em. I promote Dash on Twitter...


this is half moon bay

That is a good day my friend.

Hahah nice! That's the life!

Lol nice ...That is what makes being ya own boss fun.

Work from Beach...nice job! Upvoted!

The ability to replace my income by writing daily on Steemit and being able to do that from anywhere in the world is one of the things I love most about being here. Thanks for the inspiring post!


Nice CL. That seems to be Scarborough Beach or possibly Cottesloe Beach. Nice office.


poplar beach

I like what you done to your "office". :-)

Another day in paradise and living the dream. Here's to living a life that isn't a cliché!

  ·  5년 전

I upvote U