July surf session

4년 전

These photos are from a couple years ago, our first summer surfing. That was a really fun summer. Here on the east coast, we don't usually get waves until August- when hurricane season starts. But there's usually something to surf. On this day it was pretty small, but a couple of decent sized waves came through.

20161003_135313 (3).jpg

Me and my brothers pose for a picture before heading in. As you can see, the waves in the background are pretty small.

20161003_180541 (2).jpg

But we managed to find ourselves a great party wave!

20160911_193828 (2).jpg

20161002_202848 (3).jpg

After a fun session, we made delicious homemade gnocchi for dinner.

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WOW! looks so fun, love the photos!

That sunset photo is a wonder really ! You cant beat that sense of colour and universal value which is the Ocean ) I loved this post too bad i am not able to upvote ! But i have added you to my follow list ! Good luck to you here on Steemit for the New Year; )


Thanks so much! Yeah I can't resist a classic sunset photo. Good luck to you too.