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welcome to the Sandrina's Art Performance ! <3 how are you
i feel lovelovelove :D :*

Don't be sad! How can you be sad when I love you? Hee, xoxoxo

I love how colorful your pants are at the very end :)

I always feel uncomfortable when people lock eye contact with the camera for too long. Haha I was trying to skip ahead to the colorful butt shot everybody was commenting about but dtube can be a little bitch. Haha

Cheer up, it will all work out for you luv.

Hope you are not stressing! Doctor prescribed rest for that weary mind.

The Beachboys always depress me.

What we/I feel is not that important really. What you feel yourself, looking in the mirror (and what you do with what you see) is important.

For now I'll leave this song and a link to the lyrics.
For me this has always been an eye-opener (and reminder) on several moments in my life in the past.

Do you choose (to stay on) the river or go to the (bigger) sea.

Guilt. Is that a normal thing to feel?

Aw so happy then so sad then bum.

Two out of three awesomes! ;0)

DDS Tome Alert...
Howdy do, glad to see you. (What a poet...) I feel the whole gamut of emotions when I watch you sit and ponder life to the Beach Boys. (Love their music-and so apropos). Mainly, I feel that you are a lot like me in one way, and totally the opposite in the other.
I also feel at times like I don't belong in the world of today, mainly in work and other type situations. It just seems difficult to navigate and stay within at times. And getting things done to 'spec' of a job seems to be a major chore.
But the creative, wonderful world of, well, creativity...that is another story. And a place I could dwell within forever. I've never really cared about what other people think, it seems you don't either. Yet UNLIKE you, I am not that good at being truly 'out there' in that world of the internet. You seem to me to be made for it. Your personality, ability to be yourself completely, and apparent love for life and it's occasional nuttiness, fit it perfectly. I'd say you were born for this time in the world.

But it's a rather sad reality that we have to make money at the same time, to pay for all the 'life-stuff'. We're forced to wander that world, against our creative drive and wishes. And I know it can be difficult. The world needs all the humor and fun it can handle right about now, and you have much to offer in this realm. Glad to see you on. I think I said that already. End of dds tome ( :
I hope your week is grand

I have you on my 'favorites' list and my feed keeps tricking me, telling me there's a new post when there sadly is not. Waaahhhhh, why is there not?? Where is Sandrina?
Miss you chica!

Hope you are getting your shit together? Keeping it real and dancing in some fountain somewhere.

Have a good new years


This photo reminds me so of SL. I hope all is well in her world, and she returns to Steemit one day soon. I certainly miss her fun take on life. And if you are reading this, Sandrina, please say hello and let us know how you are.


I think when you are chronically plagued by stress it's good to take a long break from social media. The internet can break you, if you let it.

Hopefully she can give us a refreshed Sandrina in the new year.


Thanks, I'm hoping so, and she is well. Such a fun, spirited person of the world.
So true. I think many of us that have been on this site for over two years, are taking a bit of a hiatus. I know I have been. It can be a bit taxing, if not a whole lot of fun.

Sandrina is alive and well in the Congo, she’s still on YouTube if you miss her, but her internet is limited.

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I see life in your eyes and curiosity.