BeachWednesday - Animals at Fuerteventura

3년 전

Hey guys!

Today, I want to show you some animals at the beach on Fuerteventura. The first two pictures show a little crab which was on his way to a hideout and therefore is a little bit hard to see.



On the next pictures, you can see the nearly omnipresent Barbary ground squirrel. These little tots have invaded on the island and they are very trusting. I think they expect something to eat from the visitors. Anyways, they are very cute, I think.



Last, but not least, a picture with some little examples of the species Human :-)

I hope that you like the pictures. See you soon!

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Wonderful shots of a lovely scene! Looks like a wonderfully peaceful place!

Upvoted and Resteemed


Thank you! It was a nice holiday :-)


You're welcome. My pleasure.

Beautiful beach! That little ground squirrel looks very much like the chipmunks in my back yard.

na da hast du ja nette gesellen gefunden am strand.... hab ich mal umgepinnt zu mir....


Danke dir!

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